Eleni Modinos

Eleni is a certified Reiki Practitioner. Her area of specialization is supporting women’s spiritual journeys by using divine feminine energy healing (Quan Yin) along with the traditional Usui Reiki. She attained her second-degree Reiki in 2019 at Blue Angel Reiki Centre with Reiki Master Martine Salerno and is currently undertaking her Reiki Masters. She is a registered associate member of the Australian Reiki Connection Asssociation.

Eleni was called to Reiki healing through years of study and her own exploration of self-healing and spirituality. She is a firm believer in unifying the soul, mind, and body in order to achieve a clear sense of self. 

Eleni strongly encourages her clients to connect with their intuition to support themselves with their healing journeys- as so much of our societal conditioning has taught us to second guess our own truth. She knows that reiki will help strengthen a harmonious connection to her client’s intuition, empowering them to carve their own unique path.

To make an appointment with Eleni, please ph 03 9388 2422 or send an email.  

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