Gabrielle James

Kinesiologist & Spiritual Healer

Gabrielle utilizes a range of modalities to reconnect, rebalance, integrate and harmonise the energies of the body. She helps to support and empower her clients by giving them a greater understanding of him/herself in order to live a more positive life.

These modalities include Kinesiology, Quantum Bio Energetics and Emotional Freedom Technique to help release the negative impact of stresses, from current or past causes, thus enabling harmony and balance within the mind, body, spirit.

  • Kinesiology, a technique of muscle testing based on Chinese Medicine principles, identifies areas of stress and imbalance within the body’s energy systems and the best method required to achieve optimum wellbeing.
  • Quantum Bio Energetics is a gentle healing system utilizing quantum based frequencies which the body uses to rebalance itself in its own unique way.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (commonly known as Tapping) is a simple yet powerful process to clear difficult and/or negative experiences, memories, emotions and stresses to allow one to deal more positively and effectively in life.
  • Flower essences, essential oils and crystals are also incorporated to enhance the healing process.

Gabrielle's approach is gentle, compassionate and very effective. You will receive a unique and individualised experience as she uses her skills to support her clients to feel peaceful, relaxed and at ease, and achieve their best possible outcome.

She is available for bookings in the clinic, and also in the Brighton area. She also offers distant healings so you can relax in the comfort of your own home - mask free! As she is working on an energetic level the distant healings are just as effective as in person treatments, and includes a phone call after your session to debrief, and photos of your affirmation and guidance cards. 

To make an appointment with Gabrielle, please ph 03 9388 2422 or send an email.  

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