Elle Burton

Reiki Master

From an early age, Elle has felt in tune with the energy around her and held a deep knowing that there is more to this world than meets the eye. "As a little girl I used to run up to people and tell them they had babies in their bellies well before they knew." Now as an intuitive and sensitive adult, Elle continues to have regular premonitions regarding worldly events and people encountered in every day life. 

Elle's journey with Reiki began 4 years ago after experiencing her first Reiki healing. She was so profoundly moved that she decided to dedicate herself to the practice and teaching of Reiki, and embodying all it has to offer. In following this path she has rediscovered her authentic self, true potential and personal power, while deepening her capacity to hold space for other people.

Her intention in her practice as a Reiki Master is to be of service, helping people to return to a place of love, truth and oneness.

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