Hypnotherapy, Counselling and Emotional Freedom Technique

Hypnosis is a concentrated form of relaxation that holds the key to resolving your unwanted behaviours.  In hypnosis, you do not need to divulge any personal details of past events or trauma, and you will be conscious and in control the entire time. You will also remember everything that occurs on your journey of change.  

The mind and body are deeply inter-connected systems. Humans can seek out food, cigarettes, drugs (prescribed and un-prescribed), alcohol, gambling, sex or any other compulsive behaviour to reduce anxiety that’s often generated from  stressful situations.  

The momentary neurological and mood altering boost that people receive from these substances reinforces the pleasure principle and is the basis of addiction.  It’s a natural and healthy response to move towards pleasure and away from pain.  Although, when the behaviour is unhealthy it can lead to a variety of problems.

Incorporated in a hypnotherapy session is Emotional Freedom Technique, a therapy developed in the 1970’s by Dr Roger Callahan.  He found that tapping on acupressure points while clients focused on their problems quickly relieved the stress they’d been carrying around for years. 

Leah's clients quickly experience relief from long term issues in a matter of sessions.  She also provides hypnotherapy audios to listen to between sessions to deepen the positive suggestions and changes. 

Hypnotherapy, counselling and EFT can de-stress your mind, body and emotions to eliminate unwanted behaviours and tension.   

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