Coffee Colonics

Coffee colonics: for liver detoxification and enhanced bowel cleansing.


Adding an infusion of organic coffee to your colonic (coffee colonics) is a powerful way to promote liver detoxification and enhance the effects of the colonic. When the infusion is held in the colon for around 9-12 minutes, the coffee is absorbed through the bowel wall into the hepatic portal vein straight to the liver, having a different effect to if it was drunk and absorbed through the digestive system. 

Coffee colonics cause the bile ducts in the liver to open and purge toxins, stimulating the flow of bile, naturally raising glutathione levels to promote liver detoxification, and promoting peristalsis (rhythmic contractions of the colon) and tone of the bowel wall. This results in a greater release of liver toxins, colonic debris and pathogens. 

Coffee colonics also promote circulation in the body, and make you feel great - physically and mentally.

Organic coffee colonics (or enemas) are used in Gerson’s Cancer cure. This is a regime designed by Dr Max Gerson, that involves eating an organic vegetarian diet, consuming fresh juices, vitamin and mineral supplements, and administering organic coffee infusions into the bowel to detoxify the body and promote immunity. 

Organic coffee infusions can be included in your cleanse for an additional $30. They are well-indicated for those with compacted bowels (as it helps to release) and anyone wanting to address parasites, liver detox and/or maximise their wellness.

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