Melissa Weaver

Kinesiology, Reiki Master


Melissa is a Kinesiologist, Reiki Master, meditation teacher and practitioner of sound healing. Using these tools, she can help to bring you back into balance physically and emotionally.

“Health comes and goes. Energy levels increase and decrease. Emotions fluctuate. This is normal - life is a seasonal roller coaster! Our bodies are built to adapt to fluctuations and in many cases, can heal themselves if allowed time to process changes and return regularly to a state of balance (homeostasis). However, it is when we remain stuck in a physical or emotional ebb or flow for too long that a return to balance becomes hindered, our bodies tire of being in that state of imbalance and we get to the point where we feel 'something has got to give'.

Melissa’s treatments enable you to tune into, understand and restore health and balance to your being.

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